Building Surveyors

Whatever your building project, at some stage you will require a building surveyor. These individuals are highly trained, and their primary function is to ensure that buildings are safe, sustainable and functional. In practice, they complete condition surveys of a building, identifying any defects, and making recommendations for repair, maintenance and restoration. In addition to this, building surveyors may implement preventative measures to keep a building in good condition and fit for purpose.

Working on projects from multi-million pound structures through to modest adaptations and repairs, a building surveyor will often act as project manager, liaising with architects, contractors, building planners and control, and – most importantly – the client. As well as providing advice and guidance, they will design the scheme and manage the tendering/procurement process. It is the surveyor who will ensure that the project stays within budget and is delivered on time, as well as a whole host of other activities which will ensure the project runs smoothly.

Building surveying professional standards are determined and managed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). A stringent accreditation process, and mandatory ongoing CPD ensures that standards are being upheld. Accreditation can be pursued by individual surveyors as well as entire practices. Choosing a RICS regulated practice offers consumers peace of mind that a high standard of quality is being met. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that those standards are not being met, RICS offer an arbitration service to ensure that a satisfactory resolution is found.