Project Managers

Good Project Managers, it’s fair to say, are worth their weight in gold. Their primary role is to manage all activities involved in your scheme’s delivery. However, when engaged at the earliest stage of a project, they often oversee the design and procurement stages too. They will not only keep your scheme on track and on budget, but will also provide a valuable interface between all stakeholders. Project managers are often qualified building surveyors. As well as managing individual jobs, they aim to thoroughly understand your school buildings in order to keep them fit for purpose. Using an ongoing Asset Management Plan, they are able to help schools to be proactive in their building maintenance activities.

Project Management and CIF

Once a scheme’s design is complete, and the funding is available, your project manager will be responsible for the delivery schedule. With CIF work in particular, it is imperative to have a PM who understands the particular demands of working on a school site. Student learning and safeguarding are of paramount importance. A project manager with school-based experience will know to organise works during holidays and after school wherever possible. Schools who are undertaking works through the CIF process often choose to build project management fees into their funding application. With this in mind, it is advisable to appoint a PM as early as possible within the process.